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Modular Kitchen System


ACCUCEL introduces the most convenient and elegant way to design modular kitchen system. This system are at "par excellence" with latest European styles. The systems are delivered in completely knocked down condition to enable you to erect, install transfer whenever and wherever you need. Our highly advanced design system enable you to provide easily accessible units, roll-out cabinets hardware fittings etc to your convenience, taste and requirements. ACCUCEL is indeed a real boon to architects, designers, builders who insist on world class products.

Kitchen cabinet shutters / drawer fronts

Ready to use, prefinished "ACCUCEL" Kitchen cabinet shutters are available in different designs like Louvered, Diamonds, Raised panel - plain / arched, HPL sheet infill in wide range of decorative wood veneer, marble / granite finishes, PL) coated glossy / semi glossy / matt or metallic & pearl finishes etched glass infill panel. ACCUCEL kitchen cabinet shutters can be made available in different sizes and colours.

ACCUCEL kitchen cabinet shutter are fabricated from 'ACCUCEL' rigid PVC foam profiles with integral skin made using breakthrough technology from Italy, to suit Indian conditions. ACCUCEL is as elegant as any premium wood in appearance. It is equally workable can be nailed, screwed, drilled, glued, sawn, tapped or welded just like wood. ACCUCEL comes in a range of different shapes, colours & finishes. ACCUCEL is Waterproof, Termite proof, Fire retardant, Heat & sound insulant, Light weight, Easy to install, Requires no post installation maintenance.

Salient Features

  • Easy to install
  • Fire retardant
  • Elegant
  • Functional Maintenance free
  • Easy workability & faster finishing
  • Water proof, Termite proof Can be fumigated, sterilised Acid proof, Alkali proof
  • Long lasting
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to clean
  • hygienic

Standard Sizes

Shutters :

  • 710 x 445, 510 x 445, 410 x 445
  • 710 x 372, 510 x 372, 410 x 372
  • 710 x 272, 510 x 272, 410 x 272

Shutters :

  • 200 x 445, 300 x 445
  • 200 x 372, 300 x 372
  • 200 x 272, 300 x 272


White, Silver gray, Ivory, Black, Yellow, Red. Green, Blue, Walnut, White cedar, Teak, Mahogany

Fabrication Guideline- ACCUCEL KCS - 01 (FP - 4520 with HPL sheet)

  • ACCUCEL profile FP 4520 is cut as shown in drg. To facilitate better strength.
  • ACCUCEL FP 4520 should be cut to make vertical stile & horizontal stile as per size of the kitchen shutter required & joined with solvent based PVC adhesives as well as 63x8 csk sheet metal screws at four corner joints.
  • Fix the infill panel of 3mm thick HPL sheet. Fix the decorative moulding FP 3515 to impart elegant look.
  • Fill up the screw head hole in FP 6028 with paste of solvent based adhesive of same color or screw cap

Fabrication Guideline -ACCUCEL KCS - 02 (FP-4520 with louvered / diamond panel)

Technical & Design team of the company extends their support for custom made solutions to your requirements.

Project team of the company helps for installation and fabrication guideline.

Wide distributors network of experienced fabricator franchisees of the company helps for faster availability & installation at site.

Standard Sizes(in mm)

  • ACCUCEL profile FP 4520 is cut as shown in drg. To facilitate better strength. ACCUCEL FP 4520 & FP 3517 is cut in required length to make vertical & horizontal bottom stile and joined with solvent based PVC adhesives as well as 63 X 8 csk sheet metal screws at two corner joints.
  • ACCUCEL diamond / louvered profile FP 3512 or FP 3712 cut as shown in drg. To facilitate inserting of profile with frame FP 4520.
  • Join the top horizontal stile FP 3517 using fevikwik & solvent based PVC adhesive as well as 63 X 8 csk type sheet metal screws at two corners.


Off-White, Ivory

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Cabinet Shutters